Complete Ecommerce online store packages below for only $399.99


These ecommerce online store packages are complete with everything you need to sell your products on the internet with ease. The packages have 2 built in templates which you may modify at anytime within the administration panel. The online ecommerce store allows you to add all of your products with easy steps and it comes complete with a built in shopping cart and check-out feature, signup and sign in, admin panel, ability to customize your design, add your own logo and banner to brand your store, and there is NO MONTHLY FEE! It's a onetime fee only. Read complete details below for more information. You may purchase the package for $699.99 which comes with a domain name, website hosting, and all set-up of ecommerce store.


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Template Only - $399.99

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Choose between 2 Website templates then fully customize for your Branding. Comes with the following as a package.


  1. 1.  Domain & Hosting for 1 year
  2. Unlimited bandwidth and space, uptime 99.9% of the time. Powerful MySql Database security

  3. 2.  SSL Certificate for 1 year
  4. We will add a SSL certificate to your website to ensure customers security and trust with you.

  5. 3.  Search engine optimized website store created.
  6. Submitting your website to search engines, creating a sitemap, and much more.

  7. 4.  Email address attached to your domain name
  8. Example -

  9. 5.  Full content management ( admin panel )
  10. To add, delete, and modify your items. ( see below )

  11. 6.  Membership for your customers
  12. sign in and quickly check out with items without inputting info at every visit.

  13. 7.  Excellent support available all the time
  14. 1-858-480-9779 or email

  15. 8.  Choose between 2 template designs, customize the CSS and Text
  16. Brand your business with logo, banner, css, text, and more changes to customize your store.

  17. 9.  Social networking buttons attached to your store to be linked to your networking sites
  18. 10.  Dynamic updated shopping cart on every page of your online store. No Merchant fee required!
  19. 11.  COMPLETE set up, database, domain, and hosting set up. All you need to do is add your products and make money.

Our content management system (admin panel) consists of: Both the $399.99 & $699.99 Come with complete Admin...
  • • Add an image for the product you are selling
  • • Add a description for your product
  • • Add a category to which you would like to sell your item
  • • Add a Pay Pal Email to collect your funds
  • • Add a shipping charge for shipping your item with fixed shipping cost.
  • • Add a title for your item you are selling
  • • Add a price to sell your item for
  • • Add an admin to maintain your website store. You may add as many administrators as you wish to.
  • • Delete admin, category, and product
  • • Set your product as a home page featured or special
  • • Change the CSS Header and Text Colors
  • • Change the banner
  • • Change the menu colour
  • • Add an URL to the Copyright at bottom
  • • Add your email to the contact form to receive contacts from your store
  • • Add your website opening introduction up to 1000 Characters
  • • Add your content to the about us page
  • • Add your 3 Important Meta Tags for the search engines
  • • Add the quantity of products you are selling on that product listing
  • • Add your twitter and face book accounts to the buttons on the website

The customers can sign up with the built in membership script that allows you the seller to obtain customers address's and information for shipping purposes, and for further marketing and use of newsletters for subscribed customers.

Our ecommerce websites come with full shopping cart features and check out process that allows for the customers to modify their shopping cart at any time. When they are ready to check out, once signed in, they are redirected to Pay Pal where your email (business name) for payment will show on top and when they have completed the payment process, they get a nice popup saying thank you for your purchase and are re-directed back to your website. This is a very nice and smooth process with no errors.

The customer gets a copy of the sale in their email they have provided and you the seller also get a complete copy with the full address of the customer to allow for shipping the purchased item.

You have complete control over your store to make design changes and to add all your products up to 1000 to sell online and to make lots of money. You save the cost for a shopping cart and also the merchant fee. Pay Pal is FREE to use and to collect all funds and is the #1 choice for shoppers online everywhere. Pay pal is secure and reliable to use online.

You have complete control over your store to make design changes and to add all your products up to 1000 to sell online and to make lots of money. You save the cost for a shopping cart and also the merchant fee. Pay Pal is FREE to use and to collect all funds and is the #1 choice for shoppers online everywhere. Pay pal is secure and reliable to use online.

This template eliminates the need to purchase a merchant account because it is pay pal integrated and pay pal accepts all major credit cards without having a merchant account. It also has a full shopping cart and checkout feature that allows customers to change, add quantities, register their information, and come back as a member to make it easier and quick to shop in your store.

You have complete access with full admin features that allows you to do everything you need to sell all of your products online.

Contact us today to get your ecommerce store up and running in no time. We offer financing for new business owners or for businesses that have never had an online website or store. Website Use wants to help all you new business owners be successful on the internet!

Steps to Getting Your Website Store Running...
  1. 1. You pick the domain name you would like for your new online store. Find Your Domain Name
  2. 2. Contact us with the form below and fill in your domain name you would like to get or call us at 858-480-9779
  3. 3. We then set up your database, domain, and hosting. Perform the search engine optimization services.
  4. 4. You can now sign into your admin panel and modify the changes you wish or add all your products you wish to sell.
  5. 5. You sell your products and make lots of money.
  6. It’s that easy! Our set-up time for online stores is normally within 2 days.


ECOMMERCE TEMPLATE ONLY - $399.99 - Simple Instructions...
If you are looking for just the package and to setup the store yourself with easy to use instructions, you may purchase the package now and download after payment confirmed from Pay Pal in a digital download form.


The instructions are as follows:

Our content management system (admin panel) consists of:Both the
  1. 1. Upload your files to your server via FTP in the root / directory of your website
  2. 2. Create an empty Database in your PHPMyAdmin
  3. 3. Execute the sql_db file into your SQL tab inn PHPMyAdmin
  4. 4. Update your database Configuration in the db_connect.php files in the root directory and the admin directory. There are two db_connect.php files that have to be updated.
  5. db_connect.php mysql_connect("your server ip address","database name/username","database password"); mysql_select_db("database name/username");

  6. 5. Login to your admin panel via The default login username: ######## password: ##########
  7. 6. Delete the default admin account and create your own account via admin manager
  8. 7. Set your PayPal email, copyright link, SEO ... via Website settings
  9. 8. Set the look and feel of your store via template manager
  10. 9. Upload your products via products manager
  11. 10. Start making money

NOTE *** some databases like Go Daddy use the username and database name as the same. Just repeat the name in both fields above.

Buy Now for only $399.99

Just website store files ( 2 templates in 1 ) mysql script, and easy imstructions, admin panel, all you need to sell your products online easy!

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